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Are you looking for a more energy efficient air conditioner? An air conditioning unit you can rely on?

If your unit is over 5 years old, or showing signs of trouble, it may be time for a replacement or upgrade. Like all appliances, your air conditioner won’t last forever, although well-maintained systems can last longer than others. Regularly serviced air conditioner units are much more likely to last longer than those that aren’t serviced. This depends on your climate, unit and how much you use it. Despite this, even the well-maintained air conditioners may eventually run into problems.

Here are a list of problems you may experience with your air conditioner unit:

  1. Unit is blowing hot or cold air which is inconsistent to temperature settings
  2. Your unit has diminished air flow
  3. It’s emitting strange noises or strange smells
  4. Your unit is leaking or producing excess moisture
  5. Your unit is short cycling
  6. Your energy bills have dramatically increased
  7. Your unit requires frequent repairs (and is out of warranty)

If you recognise any of these signs, give us a call to see if repair is an option, or to chat to us about upgrading to a more energy efficient and capable set up.

As a Daikin Specialist Dealer we will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you, with creativity and sensitivity to the needs of your family or business.

All our technicians have post trade Daikin factory training, ensuring our skills are up to date with the ever changing advances in air conditioning technology.

Lakeside Air is confident that we have a solution for your application, you may be an owner, renovator, builder, developer, architect, property manager or just an everyday person. We have the solution for you.

Call us now on (02) 4947 412 to discuss the right air conditioning unit for your needs.