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Renovations / Extensions / Granny flats

There is a growing demand of people looking to add extensions to their property for various reasons. For young adults, home extensions and renovations tend to give them a chance to feel independent without being saddled with crippling debt and issues with rent. For others, renovations are a way of giving new life to a space.

When building a detached flat, a granny flat, just like any other property, you will need proper wiring to make electric items work and function efficiently.

We will install power where you need it

Lakeside Air provides electric wiring and configuration services to customers living in Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie. If you are in the process of renovating or extending your home, we can look around and see how we can safely redirect the power to your new living spaces.

We want to understand how your electrical system works. That is the reason why we do consultations before we push through with our work. You, our clients, will communicate your own issues and expectations to us. In turn, we will tell you what’s feasible, and what type of work fits within your budget.

Renovations / Extensions / Granny flats - Lakeside Air

We offer a wide range of electrical configuration services for home renovations and extensions

Here at Lakeside Air, we are proud of our ability to perform almost any type of work given to us. Our electrical services include but are not limited to:

  1. Customised kitchen renovations
  2. Upgrading of appliances in existing kitchens
  3. Installation of power and lighting sources to home extensions
  4. Power installation where you need it

For any electrical-related issue in home renovations, Lakeside Air is the place to call. Make sure that you are connected to electricity safely with the help of Lakeside Air! Contact us today.

Renovations / Extensions / Granny flats - Lakeside Air